Airis Effects:  Protodrive. (DISCONTINUED)
Airis Effects:  Protodrive. (DISCONTINUED)
Airis Effects

Airis Effects: Protodrive. (DISCONTINUED)

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Airis Effects: Protodrive

Dual Channel Overdrive V3
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Some of you may know that the ProtoDrive is what started it all for us. Version 2 saw some small changes, but this recent update has been over a year in the making. That's why we're confident that this is our best work yet. 

The theory behind the ProtoDrive v3 is total control of your mids. This gives you the ability to find your sweet spot with any guitar/pickups/amp combo. This can not only provide massive tone sculpting, but also lets you make your amp more verstile. 

A guitar tone relies very heavily on the mid frequencies going into your amp. What the Sweep knob does is allow you to adjust where the mid boost sits, while simultaneously changing the character of the pedal.

Low settings will be in the low-mids region. Need to launch into a PHAT solo but your amp is on a tight rhythm sound?

Drop down the Sweep knob and crank the volume! Take it a step further by adding in a little Gain on the pedal (more on that later). Higher Sweep settings will give you that bright and sharp (rhymes with "bent") tone that cuts through a dense mix.

We have found that the 1-2 o' clock range is quite sharp but without getting too thin or shrill, but your sweet spot may lie elsewhere depending on your guitar/pickup combo.

This toggle changes the width of the Sweep knob's range so you can focus on a wide or narrow range of mids. Left is Wide, Center is Narrow, Right is Medium.

If you need help with this one, it may be time to hang up the axe. Clockwise is louder, counterclockwise is quieter. 

This controls the amount of drive/distortion. We've upped the amount of maximum gain from any of our other pedals so that even on its own it can get downright gnarly. At the bottom range of the knob is a sort of "off" section where it will get its cleanest. Turn it up very gradually and you will hear where the dirt and gain start to happen. Use the Mojo switch with the Gain up and you will hear the changes in the overdrive character.

This toggle is the Mojo switch. We call it Mojo because it can do more than one thing to your signal in a magical way. Left is Modern Mode and gives a loud crunchy sound without clipping off too much of the signal. Center is our  Clean Boost Mode.

This removes any clipping of the signal to give you the most output volume and cleanest signal. Right is the Vintage Mode. This is the more compressed, warm and dirty of the three. It also has a bit more smoothness. With higher Gain and Volume settings, you will start to hear where the unclipped signal comes through and essentially gives you a parallel compressed signal.

This can play very nicely with high gain tones, as turning the Gain knob up wont turn
it to pure mush like other overdrives. Use the M toggle in tandem with the Volume knob
to hear some interesting changes. A cranked Volume knob on the Vintage Mode will sound slightly different than the Clean Boost Mode with slightly lower Volume settings. Don't be afraid to experiment!

This is an active Treble Boost/Cut that gives you +/- 6db of high end. Up higher will give you a bright and rough tone, while lower is dark and smooth. We find that it usually works nicely to have opposite the Sweep control. Low settings on the Sweep with higher settings on the Tone will balance out the sharpness with the phatness. Higher Sweep settings may require lower Tone settings to keep from getting too piercing. Try having the Tone at about 11 o'clock and the Sweep at about 1 o'clock. You'll thank us later.

The Open Channel is for giving your tone a little push. It retains quite a bit of low end so that things stay phat while adding a ton of bite and attack. We have tuned this channel from our original design to cut the small amount of mud, yet still leave the body intact.

The Focus Channel is Mids City. If you want to be heard, just hit that switch! Can be a bit much for brighter or thin sounding guitars, but works wonders to tighten up any flub on extreme low tunings. The Sweep knob can be more apparent on this channel, so try adjusting the Q toggle to get it just right.

With our standard features like True Bypass, Burr Brown op amps, Diecast aluminum enclosures and quality components, your killer tone comes through with as little noise and as much clarity as possible.

- Gain
- Sweep
- Q
- Mojo

Two Channels, True Bypass
High fidelity Burr Brown op amps
Diecast aluminum enclosure
Powered by 2.1mm 9vdc Negative tip adapter (Sold Separately)
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Year 

WARNING: This pedal can be a bit daunting with the amount of controls and interaction. If you're looking for instant gratification, the Savage Drive may be a better option. If you love turning knobs, then you need the ProtoDrive!

All it takes is a little summoning 
Shift Into Overdrive
Murdering Weak Tone Since 2014

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