Pickle Rick  OD: (Discontinued) High Quality Hand Made Boutique Airis Effects Overdrive Unit.
Pickle Rick  OD: (Discontinued) High Quality Hand Made Boutique Airis Effects Overdrive Unit.
Pickle Rick  OD: (Discontinued) High Quality Hand Made Boutique Airis Effects Overdrive Unit.
Pickle Rick  OD: (Discontinued) High Quality Hand Made Boutique Airis Effects Overdrive Unit.
Pickle Rick  OD: (Discontinued) High Quality Hand Made Boutique Airis Effects Overdrive Unit.
Airis Effects

Pickle Rick OD: (Discontinued) High Quality Hand Made Boutique Airis Effects Overdrive Unit.

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The Pickle Rick OD (Overdrive)

Boom. big reveal, I'm a pickle Morty. I'm PICKLE RICK!
Need a good Boutique Over Drive sqaunch ? Then this super sqaunched Rickadiculus OD Pedal is for you. The art work on these is not some cheat shit sticker.. It is Melt Printed onto the surface with the highest qaulity UV print process and is both licensed and EXTREMELY durable.

Hand wired, custom stompi awesomeness. For a very limited time y-y-you can get a reduced price Pickle Rick Drive (Overdrive) based on the ever popular Airis Effects Savage Drive. Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's gonna die. Existence is as meaningful as the significance you place on it.. .So wh-why not get your self a Pickled Rick Drive, find your happy place and Shleem The Flumbus out of your Grumbo before the soul sucking existential nihilism kicks in.

'The settings might look a little a convoluted but it's really just a simple matter of setting your Shleem, Dialing up some Grumbo then throw-up some Fleeb then Pickle up your Plumbus to truly behold the semblance of what the Pickle Drive OD has to offer'

PS: Justin Roiland Creator of Rick & Morty recently acquired a few of these and absolutely loves them.

Do not be sqaunched by it's appearance. The overall Flerboze is Clorgonic to a Savage Drive but Rubba Lubba Dub Dubs your Shleem with some extra *Belch P,p,p,pickle

Airis Effects
are providing some of the highest quality boutique pedals on the market while keeping the prices affordable.  

These stomp boxes are all hand made, hand wired and built to endure years of enjoyment and abuse while providing the essential ultimate tone that as musicians we all strive for.

Tight, aggressive, awesomeness.

The only three things needed to describe the Portal Rick Drive. If you're looking for the perfect overdrive to bring your tone some clarity, bite and character then this is it.

Every portion of this pedal has been tweaked for down tuned high gain metal.
It's extremely loud, insanely tight, dynamic and aggressive all at the same time.
With a huge range available on the Fleeb knob and having the Plumbus to add in some
grit and compression, this pedal will let some serious Gzorpazorps loose in your amp.

For the tech side of things, we've removed the clipping diodes. This gives it extra clarity, more headroom and makes the Plumbus knob give you a very nice and colorful compression that you wont find on other overdrives.

We've pushed the output level to new extremes and we've cleaned up the low end
of the gain range immensely. We designed the circuit to offer "more than you need" in
the sense that you get the same result lower on the knobs. Frequently turn your tone knob up to full? You won't have to with this one! Diming the volume? No need!

Every pedal is hand built one by one with only quality components, is true bypass and made to last a lifetime of stomping abuse. New for Version 2.0 We have added even
more range to the Fleeb (Tone) Knob that made us able to omit the Bright switch from the previous version.

You still get the entire range that was available before, but it gave us room to add the Fleeb knob. The Plumbus knob does more than just tighten things up, it actually gives you a warmer, punchy and drier sound on the upper end and a more aggressive and in your face sound on the lower end.

We have also made the Hifi Burr Brown op-amp the standard part rather than making it an upgrade. After our side by side testing, we found it to have less than half the noise found in other popular op-amps. All of the controls on the Pickle Drive are VERY interactive with each other. There are an enormous amount of tones to be found in this demonic little box.

All it takes is just a little genius to  
Dial up some Pickle

Controls & Spec:
Grumbo/Shleem/Fleeb/Plumbus Controls
High quality, Low tolerance components, Burr Brown High Fidelity Op-Amps,
Neutrik Jacks
Alpha Pots Hammond Enclosures 2 Year Warranty True Bypass!

Shipping & Lay Buy:
International Buyers Welcome, Lay Buy available 

Layaway & Payment Plans: 
In these troubling economic times, instead
of offering in-store Credit Plans financed by
some obscure Bank, We offer an interest-free Layaway Program.

The Rules are Simple and Some what Flexible. Minimum: 20% Down then you can prearrange to Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly Payments. When your gear is paid
for we ship it.


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Phone: (612) 68679888
e-mail: wicked.guitars.oz@gmail.com

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