4: Boutique Guitar Picks

Winspear plectrums are designs to give you superior control over your tone, 
attack, speed and dynamic control as you play. Built for comfort, strength and durability the bevelled edges will hug against your strings for the smoothest and most natural playing to effortlessly increase the weight and tone of your attack. Each model and material however can provide a very different playing experience.

Whether you are looking for Bright or Warm, Heavy, Light, Restrained or Agressive playing. All Winspear Plectrums are created equally. Variation in price between models is not an indication of differing quality or performance, but purely of material and labour costs.

The Models available are 
Shiv, Shuriken Mini, Broadsword, Dagger, Longsword, Shuriken, Battleaxe.
IF you don't see what you are looking for. Please MSG. We have selected these models as being the most popular. There are many more model variations available.