Wicked Guitars Presents Skervesen Left Handed Guitar Run: 1st guitar appearance!

Wicked Guitars & Skervesen Left Handed Guitar Collaboration Run is cooking with GAS with the first horse out of the gate and many more insanely beautiful builds from the run to come.

We have additional suplimental builds available to purchase which will be posted in the group (link at the bottom) first. Send us a message for specifications for Reservations, Purchase or Enquire. (First in best dressed)

These guitars are a dream come true for my fellow molley bollocked left handed folks and I. 

We couldn't be happier with the result of this first custom beauty that has emerged from the amazing team of artists at Skervesen.

A magnificent Redwood Top, Mahogany Body and Pau Ferro Freboard. Armed with Bare Knuckle Alnico Holy Divers and the indominable World Domination Mod.

This exact guitar was designed for a non-metal player who desired diversity in both aesthetic and tone.

If you are a lefty hander like me.. come and join our Lefty Run Group.

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