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I'm a musician with a passion for all things musical. I value quality over quantity in all things gear related.

I have been playing guitar for 30 years and do not pretend to know it all but have learned a lot along the way.   A background in music and technical specifications is invaluable when it comes to buying,selling as well as importing and exporting guitars and I work incredibly hard to focus on more efficient and cost effective ways of doing so.  

Let me take the stress and worry of ordering a custom instrument.  The learning curve can be daunting but that shouldn't stop you. Custom gear opens up a whole world of pure guitar playing joy you'd forgotten existed over time as the declining quality of mass produced production guitars has stained the industry.

Please take your time to check out our collection of  prestige quality 6,7,8,9,10 string electric guitars as well as Multiscale, Fanned Fret and Extended Range instruments to our expanding inventory of Wicked Guitars & Basses.   Guitars are coming and going all the time so if you don't see what you are after.. please contact us and we'll short list your requests. 

Custom Builds:
We work with many prestige Luthier companies to find you the absolute best value and quality that money can buy.  

Contact us for
- No obligation specification quote,
- Assistance in
deciding spec and technical enquiries,
- Optional Photoshop design studio mock-ups. 
Speak to our friendly customer service rep today for advice on how to build the guitar you have always dreamed of.