Orion 6 Guitar Humbucker Pickups. Exotic Paduak Wood Bobbins.
Orion 6 Guitar Humbucker Pickups. Exotic Paduak Wood Bobbins.
Orion 6 Guitar Humbucker Pickups. Exotic Paduak Wood Bobbins.
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Orion 6 Custom Guitar Pickups Set. Exotic Wooden Paduak Bobbins

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Otherworldly Harmonic Content with a Vicious Nature

Bridge – DC: 13.7k Ohms, Alnico 9 magnet
Neck – DC: 11.3k Ohms, Alnico 5 (Optional: Ceramic magnet)

Finally, an angry set exceptionally at home in extended range settings. Densely packed with many tools at the ready for sonic dismantlement. Massive tone with harmonics beckoning. This thick, crispy bridge pickup packs a walloping punch thanks to the magnet configuration, especially the alnico 9. Shining in fast paced picking, and tight, beefy chugging. It will articulate chords evenly with an aggravated edge. This is a true friend to those that not only enjoy getting technical, but also want to be heard.

Pleasing fluid attack and an ever-present edge are the headlines of this bridge. It takes a shine to things like death metal but would be just as happy kicking a djent tone into an overdrive few could have seen plausible. The close fitting low register and pronounced present mid-range, combined with well bodied and defined top end, yield undisputable results in fields of aggressive tone. Speedy tremolo riffs, to groove laden djenting. The alnico 9 in the bridge will send your amp into an overdrive function you didn't know it had.

The neck comes with a choice. Sweet release from the aggression? Or continue the trend?

If the latter is up the alley you’re interested in, let’s talk about ceramic. Cutting tones for the neck that possess an affinity to thrill seekers. The ear to ear grinning match to the bridge with well regimented and controlled lead options.

Alnico 5 option adds balance to the set as a whole. Honeyed neck tones that compliment and contrast the bridge position quaintly. Wonderfully suited for lightly distorted lead passages and cleans that pop off your fingerboard in a glassy dancing frenzy.

Please note: If we do not have exact configuration on hand there is an approximate 4 week turnaround. 

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